Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Get Struck Dumb!

Things just seem to get better and better for Sunderland's finest export, The Futureheads. For the small sacrifice of your e-mail address, new-album taster "Struck Dumb" can be yours to own, forever, gratis, free. Full details on their website. It's the most fun you're likely to have under three minutes tonight for sure. It's also one of the most out and out pop songs (in a early nu-wave kind of way) that they have dared to release yet. A good thing and bodes well for the album.
Seeing as I'm in the mood for a remix or two (see above), here's a classic interpretation of "News & Tributes" single, Skip To The End by Digitalism for you to feast your eyes on whilst you wait for the futureheads confirmation e-mail to hit your inbox. It's all about the drop ...

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