Wednesday, 17 March 2010

I found FOUND...

One of the reasons I moved from Edinburgh to London was a frustration at the lack of a music scene, or venues that could attract established bands to come and play. It seems a little like the city is giving me the finger then, to find that a nascent scene has developed in the three years since I left. Maybe I was the millstone round its neck, who knows? Frankly, I'm sure you don't really care, and I don't blame you.

The point is there are now number of great bands doing the rounds in Edinburgh, one of the most interesting of which is FOUND. Their latest album 'Found Can Move' covers almost every genre short of appalachian yodelling, so instead of me giving you an arbitrary checklist of labels, I suggest instead you click the link below to their bandcamp page, stream their album for free, love it, then buy it.

You can thank me (or indeed them) later.

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