Monday, 9 November 2009

Evening All!


“Not Afternoon, But Evening”

HealeyIsland is one-man arts lab Greg Healey, a man hell bent on creating a slipstream genre located somewhere in the twilight zone between dark electronica and light muzak. This is most apparent in album opener and title track ‘Not Afternoon, But Evening’, a suitably mariachi inspired krautrock affair that as far as openers go is impressively moody. On other tracks such as “Your Final Journey” there is even a hint of Richard Hawley, albeit with an added element of spoken-word poetics, which is not a bad thing at all. This then is an album of thought experiments, and while some of them may not have been entirely successful, they are nevertheless always interesting, as on “Edwardian American Prefab”, which could have been something unearthed by the Ghost Box Label. Other tracks are located firmly in easy listening territory. This is noticeable on “Moments After Joining”, a beautifully understated space – lullaby, all jazzy chords and melodramatic smokey vibes. Add to this the John Barry / Barry Adamson goes Moog atmospherics of “Red Car Crossing A Dimly Lit Bridge”, “Recriminations” and “Facsimile Mountain”, a daytime American TV show starring Angela Landsbury waiting to happen. “Not Afternoon, But Evening” is an intimate album dripping with neon-soaked noir and idiosyncratic cinematic overtones designed to create a headspace that you can get lost in.

Keith Haworth

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