Thursday, 19 November 2009

ReviewDo It Yourself Vol.1 - The Mosaics

Sometimes as a reviewer, you can get carried away with the more, let's say, ornate aspects of the English language. Tracks are 'achingly beautiful' 'willfully ramshackle'; riffs are 'razor-sharp', and so on. So in reviewing this latest track by geordie hopefuls The Mosaics, (who I would be pretty positive about on the whole, as they seem to blend early Coldplay with elements of A-Ha without being annoying or smug about it), I'd like you to submit your own review. It's not lazy journalism, it's just a reaction to some of the utter, utter wank posted by sites such as Pitchfork and Drowned in Sound, which are nearly all staffed (barring a couple of honourable exceptions), by a slurry of pretentious, third-rate Lester Bangs impersonators.

'Illuminate' may not sound fashionable, but then again, with the parlous state the UK music scene is in at the moment, that may not be a bad thing. But I want you to get involved and spew your reactions to this in the comments box below... The more the merrier, and try and be constructive innit. And it's out now. So have a listen and let me know what your ears think.

The Mosaics - Illuminate by benstroud

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  1. The height of lazy journalism? Asking your readers to do your job of course! Only kidding Ben, I can see your point. All too often the music in question is not mentioned as it gets in the way of the propped-up thesaurus. Oh, so, my review. Well, it's mid-afternoon festival stuff - a well put together impression of Coldplay covering Doves somewhere a decade ago. Would I pay to own this track? No I wouldn't, but I wouldn't boo them off while I wait for the achingly beautiful sound of...SNIP!