Monday, 16 November 2009

Single Review - Ali Love 'Diminishing Returns' (Backyard Recordings)

You get the feeling that life has not dealt an artist as talented as Ali Love a fair hand. You'd probably right. Whilst infinitely inferior bands from his East London manor (hello, The Klaxons) have gone on to enjoy mainstream success, all Ali has had to show from his aborted major label deal (he recorded an album for Columbia, didn't like it very much, they parted company), is a few battle scars and stories of gatecrashing Ronnie Wood's birthday party dressed as a gypsy.

Which is why it's good that he's been given a second chance on Backyard - one of the best indie labels around. And their investment and his efforts have paid off - 'Diminishing Returns' is an italo-flecked beast of a track, tearing synth-pop a huge Moroder-shaped new arsehole, with lyrics that could have been lifted from Princes purple notepad circa 1984. Comebacks don't come much better that this...

'Diminishing Returns' is out now.

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