Sunday, 22 November 2009

Own "Boys Own"

Should any of you lovely readers be stuck what to put onto your lists for Santa, or indeed what to buy that Weatherall-obsessed completionist, then help is at hand. The website is currently offering up all of the Boys Own Fanzines in one handy compendium after being largely unavailable for many years unless you have a an e-bay account, and had a run of good luck on the national lottery. And all for the entirely reasonable price of £24.95.

For the uninitiated, Boys Own's place in the UK's cultural history is pretty important - from these humble routes, the four original authors (Farley, Mayes, Weatherall, Oakenfold) would go on to launch record labels, become superstar DJ's, manage stadium techno bands, produce all-time critical successes and provide many a great excess into the mix also. Before all this though they would muse in the hand produced fanzine upon their favourite records, fashions, and the emerging Balearic sound that would prove to be one of the main catalysts for the dance music renaissance in 1988. even have a PDF sampler for you to have a squint at. Just here in fact. Now ... someone start compiling mixes of those top tens please ...

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