Tuesday, 3 November 2009

We Have Sound!

The Soundcarriers
The legion
Old Street

Tonight’s set is cherry picked from debut album ‘Harmonium’s highlights that kicks off with ‘Caught by the sun’. A thrilling start to a stunning show that reveals the exuberant nature of the band in full effect and makes one wonder what will happen when they let their imaginations embrace some of the less explored permutations on offer tonight. You see, The Soundcarriers, like Stereolab before them, appear to be able to seamlessly fit at least twenty different songs into one. This is down to Adam and Pish’s mercurial, liquid rhythm section. Pish, stoic and aloof as always, while human metronome Adam seems to change the tempo and inflection after every bar. One minute, as on ‘Cannonball’ and ‘I had a girl’ kraut groove, the next an understated subtle Pentangle-type rhythm. In fact Adam is possibly the greatest drummer since the Bunnymen’s sadly departed Pete Defrietas, not to mention he is also a man who makes Chris Sharrock look like Def Leppard’s Rick Allen. Add to this the gorgeous three part harmonies of Adam, Dorian and Leonore and at one stage the fact that Leonore’s organ knob twiddling live has now started to recall Eno in Roxy mode, sculpting as she does swathes of sonic prog- wizardry that are both electric and electrifying, momentarily giving a retro flavoured make-over to Old Street and effortlessly turning it into the New York underground circa 1969.

Keith Haworth

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